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There you will find Social events, church events, weddings coming up, babies being born. and a lot more. You can find specific things by searching key words.
Coming soon are the Community Address Book and Registration listing, which is the way we keep you informed.

We have competitions*, prizes*  and more* happening regularly, so don’t delay your Subscription to receive notifications and updates by email and Whatsapp, AND RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY KEY RING.

Subscription comes with a $21^ cost for 5 years and renewal thereafter. Becoming a subscriber adds you to our Community Address Book, accessed via a PRIVATE PAGE. Upon subscribing, we provide a password. Form below.

It’s no loss to you for all the chances you’ll have to win when you participate in our spontaneous competitions and the likes.    We would also like to inform you that our objectives are to bring everyone here, where we will build OUR HISTORY in a location exclusive to OUR SEBHELIS, and others whom wish to become part of US, and for generations after Us.   The World is truly small and we are many, together we grow. 

Furthermore, we are developing sophisticated systems and operations that provide you everything by a few clicks right from you home.   Imagine how much your time will be freed up to give back to Family Quality Life, something that doesn’t exist anymore really. 

As you can see now, we are being tested and challenged again, but this time in a most extraordinary way, leaving the whole world crippled, helpless and hopeless in every way of life for living.  By what we are bringing here is a means to keep Our Community and Our Members with a central place to find, see, hear and more to keep people connected, but in our central private place here, rather than the public social media.   

Some of our immediate projects are setting up facilities to get people to gather together regularly for things like mass, entertainment, education, building jobs for people and more.    We are stopping at nothing when it comes to technology and skills, we are using resources readily available to execute all our ‘missions possible’ to keep us together no matter what.   

*As we are a fund-raising association, our means are to raise money, so from time to time, there will be participation by a small charge, affordable, manageable and guaranteed to save you more money on the expenses otherwise that you will have definitely spent and broken your piggy bank.

In the form below, please add all your regular personal data to help us add you to our systems and operations, and be assured, your data remains private in our PRIVATE PAGES, only accessed by Sebheli Community, with a password, to find you in events of emergencies but also, over the far generations beyond us, our new born babies can always look up HISTORY to learn about their roots and how we are all related one way or another.   

Everything we do here is sincerely and truly for who we are ‘SEBHELIS’.  Please, by all means we are open to feedback, recommendations, point of views, opinions and we are always ready to answer any questions where you have concerns, curiosity or looking for knowledge and information.   Welcome gain and God bless every single one of you! AMEN!

^Subscription of A$21 includes Card Merchant fees. Bank currency conversion fees are not included and The Charity does not hold itself liable for this fee.  You will see your banks fee on your statement and has nothing to do with the membership cost.