About Us


The Charity Association of Sebhel is a not-for-profit organisation developed to bring all its people from around the world to one place here.


Our elected Board Members are a team of dedicated Sebhelis who volunteer their free time building up a community providing resources, activities and benefits from year to year while generating means of fund raising to support its people in need during difficult times and hardships.


Sebhel is a tiny little village in the northern hills of Lebanon situation about 130 kilometres from the international airport and about 100 kilometres to the downtown Business District Centre. The Icon symbol and pulse of its people is the beautiful Our Lady of Sebhel Church.


During Lebanon’s dwelling history, it has been through a lot of political and religious fighting, battles, disputes and turbulence where up to today, there is never settled peace or tranquillity across all its land. However, despite all the hardships it has gone through, its people from every corner of its land have stuck together and bonding even more with each passing event.

Today its fellow citizens from every village across the lands far and wide stand high and proud to say they are the True People of Lebanon that will never turn their backs, and neither will we, on a Beautiful Country known across all the globe as the ‘Paradise of the Middle East’

Lebanon is a Catholic Country with a mix of many Catholic religions but the one that is Crown to its True People are Maronite Catholics.  It is shared with many other religions that are all alike in waiting and hopeful of peace to fall upon its people believing they can live in harmony and security just to live normal lives.

Lebanon is a must see place with its archaeological and historic sights that still stand to prove its existence, culture and traditions that will never leave the hearts of its people.


The aim of The Charity Association of Sebhel is to keep bringing all its people from around the globe to one meeting place and together each one can find the support, the love, their family roots and the never ending connection which by birth bonded its people.

Through out the year and from year to year, The Charity organises gatherings as a means to fund raise for the citizens which find themselves going through hardships and difficulties, to know there is a place of comfort they can depend on.

The Charity welcomes all people to join and participate in the activities where people can make friends and meet new people.

The Charities objectives are to keep growing the path to return all its people back to their roots for future generations beyond and far.